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Usually less shake with larger sensors

David Pavlich wrote:

I'm having a discussion with a fellow photographer about camera shake and the added importance of good technique when using cameras like the 5DsR. We swerved into the 50 mpx Fuji and I made the statement that because the 50 mpx are spread over a larger sensor (larger pixels) on the Fuji's sensor, that it would be more forgiving than the 5DsR when it comes to camera shake due to the smaller pixels (heavier pixel density) of the FF camera. Am I correct in this assumption or am I wandering into the wilderness?

Apologies if this has already been said.

For the same print size with the same equivalent focal length of lens, at the same shutter speed, a larger format sensor will exhibit less shake in the final result than a smaller sensor.

If you enlarge the print size by the same factor as the sensor size increase (in relation to the smaller sensor) you will see the same amount of shake (if present) rather than less.

Pixel density and sensor resolution have no bearing on the perception of blur caused by shake. Of course the greater the resolution of the sensor, the more able you are to make larger prints, then we are back at the above scenario of differences in print size.

As sensor size increases, DOF decreases with the same f stop. Therefore to maintain the same DOF as a smaller sensor the aperture must be reduced by the same factor, which if you are shooting hand-held and you choose a slower shutter speed you will then see the same amount of blur through shake at the same print size. If you increase ISO to compensate rather than reducing shutter speed you are back again in seeing less blur at the same print size.

That's as clear as I can be.

Basically with something like the GFX you can probably hand-hold it at slower shutter speeds than you would APS-C or FF sensors, for the same print size.

What I'm finding to achieve pixel-level sharpness, I can hand-hold the GFX while crouching at 1/FL sec, while standing at 1/FLx2 sec.  FL, focal length of lens.  With it's perfect weight (not overly heavy) soaking up high-frequency shake, it's vibration-free mirrorless design, and EFCS this equation is assured.

Thanks! David

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