Test shot: Sigma 19 vs Sony 10-18 vs Sony 16-50

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Re: Test shot: Sigma 19 vs Sony 10-18 vs Sony 16-50

brilly wrote:

a good photographer can take a great photo with a potato - if you need a camera and lens then you should just quit now

if you agree then you are right

if you disagree then you are argumentative and should be ignored

you can read all about it in my latest book which is all about me like the rest of my posts

Lens quality is not important, camera quality is not important, but what is verrrrrry verrrrrrry important is spending many many hours telling people that their lenses and cameras are not important. As long as they are made by Sony.

So, the unimportance of gear is extremely important.


I am verrrrrrry glad that Sony only accepts photographers as Sony Artisans who don't fritter away their hours being brittle, defensive, and condescending. Fortunately, the ability to serve as a sort of goodwill ambassador (in addition to having sufficient talent, of course) appears to be a prerequisite. They really don't need attack-dog fanboys; there are plenty willing to lower themselves to that level for free.

And I personally think that both the words and the work of the best Street Photographers demonstrate love for one's fellow human being. The words and the work reveal who truly feels that love, and who's faking it to make a buck.

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