Resizable Autofocus Points?!!

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Re: Resizable Autofocus Points?!!

CX Bob wrote:

I saw an article recently which mentioned that a new firmware update for a Hasselblad camera allowed one to now choose the size of the autofocus point area.
This lead me to have two questions.
Do any Nikon DSLRs have this feature?
And, whether they do or not, shouldn't this be on our 'wish list' for the next N1?
Or on our wish list for current N1 firmware updates? (If it's actually that easy!)
It sounds like this might be a great option for certain N1/70-300 situations where precision autofocus can sometimes get a bit tricky.

The new D850 has a featured called "Pinpoint AF" that reduces the size of the AF point, BUT it only works in LiveView mode. WRT the N1 bodies, I've felt from the beginning that the AF point - particularly in the V3 - had an AF area that was too large for accurate AF for small subjects such as small birds - so in that sense, a smaller AF point (not necessarily resizable) for a new N1 body was high on my wish list. However, according to Thom Hogan's ebooks on various Nikon DSLRs, the AF point that we see in the viewfinder is actually made up of many small sections of AF sensors - and if that's the case, making the AF point smaller would mean a smaller number of AF sections. I have to wonder if that might not slow down AF speed, and certainly sensitivity. I might not like the tradeoff. Perhaps someone who knows more about the D850 "pinpoint AF" could explain why Nikon chose to implement it only in LiveView mode.

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