A video pointing out the differences between Lighroom & Capture One (RAF files used)

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Re: A video pointing out the differences between Lighroom & Capture One (RAF files used)

dv312 wrote:

I've used quite a few software but still stick to LR for:

1) I'm used to the workflow

2) there are a lot more plugins for LR like On1, Nik, Luminar which I use often

3) LR is also integrated with CS6 which happens to be my last PP step

Not sure why folks debate ad infinitum about the results from each

Once you process, the RAF will be transformed to anything you desire so any software can and will allow you to do that

Matter of friendliness/speed/and usability IMHO

I never blame the software for not doing a good job as far as output is concerned, only me for not being diligent or able

1 thing I've never done is use the manufacturer's software, don't know why but I don't have a lot of confidence with them; only use software from real software houses


You see you only look at the conversion part, but not what else there is. The video is not so much about what conversion difference there is but how the software operates.

You're not interested as to what else is out there?? Been there, done that?

There is way more to the software than what you suggest.


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