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sportyaccordy wrote:

Rol Lei Nut wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

I'm going to be selling my Techart Pro pretty soon. IF you use nothing but manual glass, it's incredible, even on the lowly A7II. My main frustration stems from going between it and my EF adapter. Have to reconfigure the camera every time, and even the memory settings (on the camera) are a little "sticky".

Why is that?

The only problem I have going from Canon EF lenses to using the Techart is forgetting to set the camera's f-stop to 2.0 and wondering why everything looks so bright in the viewfinder...

I have found that AF works best in AF-C with the Techart (better accuracy). But I have to use AF-S with the Fotodiox (lens does not stop down in AF-C). And then there is the whole "set the focal length" thing. Not super difficult but still kind of a pain.

Got it.

With the MB IV & MC-11 at least that isn't an issue (always leave the camera in AF-C). I set the IBIS FL manually in camera & don't bother doing it on the adapter.

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