K1 with pentax 24-70 lens

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K1 with pentax 24-70 lens

Well, I went to a different store and tried the K1 with the 24-70 lens and guess what? The camera does focus a LOT better. There is definitely somethin wrong with that other camera I have been trying to test.

Having said that, I liked it very much and I think the camera and lens might work for my needs. I figures, if I have been able to shoot with my XT1 all this time, I should be able to make it work with the K1. Tomorrow is Sammy's camera 100 anniversary and I was told that most likely pentax will be participating in the no tax sale, so I think I'm going to purchase the K1 and try it outside the store. I will take it with me to shoot something for work and will load the files in LR and will see how many keepers this thing will give me. That will be my final and very last test. But I am really glad that the AF-S is actually functioning the way it should. It ain't no SPEEDY GONZALES in the AF department but I think it will pass, hopefully.

Having said that, I would like a 85mm 1.4 lens, or at least a 50 1.4 for my very next lens. I was looking at amazon and there is no Sigma art 50 or 85 1.4. Why the H**L not???

So what would be my options if those lenses are not available? Please remember that I need pretty quick/snappy AF and pentax screw drive AF lenses don't think will cut it for me right now. My Nikon 50 1.8 and 105 DC don't focus as accurately at the AFS-G lenses and I get much less keepers with those older lenses, so what else is available for me?

If I keep the camera, what external flash can I buy? Something as reliable as a Nikon SB600 and not so heavy and bulky? This K1 with 24-70 is definitely heavier so what flash options do I have in a powerful but light weight version?

Thanks everyone!

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