Test shot: Sigma 19 vs Sony 10-18 vs Sony 16-50

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Re: Test shot: Sigma 19 vs Sony 10-18 vs Sony 16-50

jtr27 wrote:

Thanks for posting!

For some, the convenience of using the 10-18 zoom will outweigh the combination of slightly lower IQ relative to the Sigma 19mm, and a significantly higher price.

But for some, the better optical performance of the 19mm, plus its outstandingly good price, will outweigh the inconvenience of shooting with a prime.

Why does either of the above two choices have to be "wrong?"

The usual clouds of hot air are being dispensed here, from the usual sources, about how edge and corner resolution do not matter, and there is no difference, and yes there is a difference, but it is only visible in soccer-field-sized prints, or when viewing at 100%, and if you do care about edges and corners, then you are an obsessive compulsive "pixel peeper," etc, etc.

A clearly high-performing lens that is available at a bargain basement price, and those who choose to use it, need not be attacked so relentlessly. One can only question the motives of the Artists who choose to spend so much of their supposedly scarce and valuable time doing so.

Different photographers make different choices, based on different budgets and priorities. It should not be so difficult to comprehend.


I quote only posts truly worthy of quoting, and this was one such post.

On 4/5/6K screens --which some have used since years now-- and soon also the upcoming 8K screens (ca. 33Mpix) the less-than-sharp lenses are disturbing.

How noticeable? Quite: Sometimes even the casual observers visiting our lab have noticed and asked why are some edges/corners so mushy... almost always with the Sony lenses. There was nothing to defend there.

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