Advantage of a joystick?

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Regarding negative touchscreen comments...

NIba wrote:

I hear that people, particularly "pros", would prefer a joystick. However, I don't know what is the advantage over a D-pad or touchscreen. What is the advantage of using a joystick for camera use, the reason why people would want it included in a camera?

First to answer your question, it's all a personal preference. For some it's easier to activate a joystick with the side of the thumb, vs. feeling a d-pad...personally I prefer the d-pad.

Now to comment on the touchscreen comments:

ARShutterbug wrote:

It's hard to use a touchscreen when your face is pressed against the camera. If the touchscreen isn't dedicated to an important function, such as the selection of auto-focus points, that would cause many missed photos.

But that's not how you'd use a touchscreen! In fact the touchscreen (as well as the monitor) gets disabled when you put your eye to the viewfinder anyways, so your nose won't do anything to activate the touchscreen.

But assume your comments are not based using a camera for any length of time, but either from what someone else wrote/said, or trying a camera in the store for five minutes.  I've been able to pick focus points much quicker with the touchscreen than using either wheels or d-pad.

As ARShutterbug says, you cant use a touch screen when you are holding a DSLR up to your eye

But that's why there are ALSO tactile controls, my camera has two wheels, and d-pad.

The whole idea of a touchscreen is the ability to change deeper settings (that usually require going into a menu) MUCH FASTER than you could using wheels and d-pad. For instance on my camera I can enable 30 virtual buttons...imagine having another 30 tactile buttons on your camera, there's no room for them!!! Here's what my camera's Super Control Panel looks like:

Now when I tap one of those items I'm not limited to using the touchscreen...I can then use the wheels or the d-pad to change values, or even select one of the items on that screen (but it's easier just to tap the item you want to change.

I think those who are touchscreen negative nellies, haven't really used a serious camera with a touchscreen, that they are only repeating what they read someone else wrote, or maybe trying a camera with a touchscreen for five minutes in the store.

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