Olympus OM-10 Beginner Aperture Question

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Olympus OM-10 Beginner Aperture Question

Hi all,

I am so glad I found this forum and really hoping someone could help me out with my film camera issue.

I have been shooting with film for about a year now, first I bought a Russian Zenith and after having continuous technical issues I decided to switch to Olympus OM-10.

I already shot 4-5 film rolls and have been very disappointed with the way pictures come out in the daytime. I am so confused and frustrated as I have been literally shooting one scene with many different setting combination just to get it right. Still no luck. I am not sure what am I doing wrong as I have tried almost every possible aperture and shutter combination.

As you can see on these photos, I have absolutely no blue. Everything is so foggy and muted.

Any feedback would be much appreciated from someone who either knows what could be the reason of these colors or someone who's had similar experiences.

I am also attaching two photos which came out OK but were shot in a low light.

Looking forward to your reply,


Shot in my apartment, in a very low light. Looks ok, slightly out of focus I think.

This one too. Colors are ok but still not sharp enough.


This could have been an awesome photo

I honesty like this photo just the way it is but still... I don't think this is how it should be

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