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Re: But on the microSD slot of the cellphone...

Mike_PEAT wrote:

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Mike_PEAT wrote:

Writing to the card generates heat, and with a smaller surface (even with the adapter) it's harder to get rid of that heat. If you shoot a lot or do video I'd be concerned.

Does heat really matter if heat has no effect on card performance? Solid state flash memory can handle plenty of heat. Think of all the heat going on in our smartphones. Flash memory in smartphones can handle it. I have a micro SD card in my LG G4 smartphone, and it's taking a lot of heat! So who cares about heat if flash memory can handle heat?

But in the case of the cellphone MicroSD slot it's wrapped in a heatsink/shield:

The SD-MicroSD card adapter on the other hand is all PLASTIC:

The extra layer of plastic of the adapter acts like an insulator keeping the heat in the MicroSD card.

Nice try, but there's no real heat sinking of a micro-SD card in a smartphone when the entire smartphone is a hot brick! Hahaha. And the entire phone is an insulator keeping the heat in! Plus, a smartphone will generate far more heat than writing to a micro-SD ever will.  So heat sinking any meager amount of heat generated by card-writing is easily eclipsed my the considerable amount of heat being generated by a smartphone's processor heating up the whole phone.

I think this is all just overblown paranoia.  "OMG, writing to a micro-SD will create such an enormous amount of heat, the card won't be able to handle it!"  LOL, no. Any trivial amount of heat generated by writing to the card is well within the tolerances of flash memory.  Just think of all the non-removable flash memory embedded deep inside our high-heat-generating electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops).  It survives just fine.

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