Alert! Here is the Long-Awaited Updated Fuji Lens List...

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Alert! Here is the Long-Awaited Updated Fuji Lens List...

Dear Fellow OPs,

I answer 227 threads a month on what Fuji lenses to buy on this board and directly on many PMs.

It gets cumbersome. So I am directing the Moderators (Jerry & Bob) to delete all threads on lenses and just publish this list every time a lens purchasing question is asked. This will save us all a lot of confusion and we can just cut straight to the truth.

Now don't get me wrong -- all Fuji lenses are good. So, if you own one of the lenses that are not on my list, like the pancake, 14, 18, 60, and 23/35 F1.4s, and even the 56, it does not mean that you have to sell them all right away. You can just cast off those lenses slowly. Sometimes you have to ease yourself into the list....

So, as I have said hundreds of times, and again sum it all up nicely for you here, this is really all you need to know....

There is one piece of huge news in this update -- astounding news really. I am allowing the Brick to enter the list, even though that lens needs OIS more than Canon and Nikon need good mirrorless ILCs....

Also, I give precedence to the newer Fuji lenses with WR and vastly improved focus motors, for obvious reasons.

Here is the new updated list:

1. If you travel and carry your Fuji ILC anywhere -- street, hiking, city-walking, etc..., then you absolutely must have the great travel zoom trio. 10-24, 18-55 and 55-200.

News Flash! I will now allow you to replace the 18-55 with the 16-55 Brick, as long as you know what you are getting into with that OISless huge bag of primes.

2. The Mighty 16. Fuji's best prime (along with the 90, but it enters the list later).

3. The awesome new F2 prime trio of 23, 35 & 50.

4. The 90. Not just for portraits. Superb prime. Some say magical (like the 16).

5. 50-140. Fantastic 70-200ish equivalent 2.8. The classic. Everyone needs a 70-200, and Fuji did this one up good Baby!

6. 100-400. Save your money. Some say it is specialized. No. Everyone needs it.

I will give the 56 props. But don't get it unless you are a portrait pro and have to have it.

Now, the new 80 will enter the list for sure (taking the list from 11 to 12 lenses). But it would be premature to put it on this famous list so soon.

Remember ... I do this list for you guys. Not for me....

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