Test shot: Sigma 19 vs Sony 10-18 vs Sony 16-50

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Re: Test shot: Sigma 19 vs Sony 10-18 vs Sony 16-50

JohnNEX wrote:

This post asked for thoughts on the Sigma 19mm compared to the Sony 10-18mm.

I have a 10-18mm on loan from a friend, so here is a test shot at f/8 on the a6500.

The Sigma is obviously at 19mm, with the 16-50 also at 19mm and the 10-18 at 18mm.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that the Sigma is sharpest, with the 10-18 second and the 16-50 third. Some may be interested in the degree of difference between the three, however.

Focus was on the horizon, but at f/8 it will all mostly be in focus. The shot is of Canberra, with the Australian Parliament House close to the centre of the picture.

16-50 at 19mm

Sigma 19mm

10-18mm at 18mm

At what print size would these difference be noticeable?

I'll take the added focal lengths of 10-18, or 16-19 and 19-50 over the corner sharpness any day.

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