100 F2.8 Macro upgrade to 100 F2.8 IS L Macro?

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Re: 100 F2.8 Macro upgrade to 100 F2.8 IS L Macro?

ChuckN wrote:

WilbaW wrote:

I know the L version gives you a faster rate of AF sampling on certain bodies so it's more responsive to variations in camera-to-subject distance (not sure if the non-L does that), and IS stabilises the viewfinder image, so there's a significant benefit if you are doing hand-held AF shots.

That was my experience when I went from non-L to L 100mm macro IS.

The AF is very noticeably faster.

IQ is about the same on each.

The L *feels* more substantial. Weather proofing has not yet been an issue on my 100mm L lens, but I have found myself trudging through high dew soaked reeds in the early morning with my other lenses and I've been happy to have weather-resistant L glass on my rig.

Those shots you posted are excellent, BTW.

Me? I didn't post any shots in this thread, but here's an AF one from the 100L for you...

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