Should I upgrade to D700 from Panasonic FZ1000?

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Should I upgrade to D700 from Panasonic FZ1000?

Within the last year, I purchased the Panasonic FZ1000. In short, it’s a bridge camera covering 25-400mm with a 20MP 1” sensor. If you want more info you can google it. I liked it because it is a very good all-arounder for a beginner who likes to take their hobby seriously. I use it for various styles from landscapes to birding. I am more or less pleased with the camera and the results I’ve gotten from it. However, I’ve been starting to consider upgrading to a better camera, specifically a used Nikon D700. With luck on Ebay and Amazon I should be able to get this with minimal extra cost:

FZ1000 Used Value: $500ish

D700 Used Price: $650

Used Sigma 150-500mm or Used Tamron 200-500mm: $250

Up until this point everybody would probably say that I should stick with what I have, but there are a few benefits I think I would get from the upgrade:

1) The small sensor on the FZ1000 is AWFUL in ISOs above 800. I find it very difficult to shoot at high shutter speeds (particularly for BIF) in anything but the brightest light. But what do you expect with a 1” sensor. I’ve heard that the D700 performs much better and would allow me to crank the ISO up without ruining the image.

2) When I’m not photographing birds, I do a lot of landscapes/seascapes. I’ve seen results from the D700 and even with the 12 MP sensor they are breathtaking. My assumption is that this has a lot to do with the dynamic range, but there might be other factors present I don’t yet understand. Regardless, while the downgrade in MP makes me concerned, the D700 produces great still images.

3) This is a big one. I know that I will eventually want to get into full frame cameras anyway (by getting a new flagship model in 5ish years). The non-interchangeable lens of the FZ1000 prevents me from collecting glass in the meantime, but wouldn’t getting a cheap, older body and getting the right glass be the right move long term? Basically, I want to start getting my long-term kit together.

4) There are probably some other reasons like the ergonomics and available information (the D700 has been out for years and people have figured out how to do pretty much anything with it) but those are minor so I won’t extend the list too much

So does anybody have any advice on what they think I should do?

p.s. I’m already kicking myself for investing in a camera and then deciding it wasn’t perfect for me (I jumped at a really good deal, but that’s one of the things that makes the change less costly for me). I don’t need any of you to criticize that move for me. I’m happy with the camera in a lot of ways but also see how an upgrade could be a lot better.

p.p.s. I’m not trying to make this move in the next week. I’ll probably take some months to watch used models on Ebay until I have concluded it is wise and I can get a good deal.

Nikon D700 Panasonic FZ1000
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