Dirt on back lens

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Re: There's no oil there...

Thanks Petteri,

Now I can clean the lens plus being able to sleep at night not worrying having damage something.

Great that I can get help this way. Hopefully I can help someone in the future.

Thanks again,

Petteri Sulonen wrote:

Henrik 1881 wrote:

Hi Petteri,

Thanks for your advice but your solutions would remove the oil,
that's put on the element by the manufacturer, and are supposed to
be there. Observe that this is the lens element closest to the
sensor, not the front lens. Are you sure about this? I wouldn't
have any problem with your advice if it was about the front lens.
However I'll promise not to do it again.

There's no oil on the lens element. The stuff that may look a bit
like oil is an optical coating. You won't be able to damage it with
alcohol or a soft cloth... not unless you get a piece of grit
caught under it anyway.


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