Are there any "non-obvious" issues with the first Olympus E-M1?

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The other side of the coin - why we might never buy

Marty4650 wrote:

The EM1 II is a better camera than the EM1 is. It is better in every possible way you can imagine. Olympus updated an outstanding camera and made it into an even more outstanding one.

However, a new EM1 II costs around three times the price of a new copy of the older EM1. Four times, if you get your EM1 used.

All cameras have "issues" of some kind. Anything mass produced can have issues with parts failures, design problems, or poor assembly. If you wait a few years there will be a list of issues for the EM1 II also.

You would be smart to buy whichever camera fits your needs, your budget and your preferences best, and not worry so much about "issues." After all, all new cameras come with warranties, and you can buy extended warranties if you fret a lot about these things.

I will promise you this much. You if buy the Mark I you will not regret it. It really is a wonderful camera and is currently bargain priced. Buy the Mark II if you need the improvements it offers, but only if you really need them.

Because $2,000 is a lot of money.

Good luck with your new camera.


Why do we buy things?  It is a case of whether our resistance to spend is overcome by our desire for some advantages.  Ergo the E-M1ii offers more camera for more financial spend.

I am a practical person (like you) and see the complementary side of the coin - is there something that absolutely rules out a purchase for ones own purposes - at any price even if you could afford one?

For me I would never ever consider a convertible soft top, apart from not particularly liking my hair being ruffled I suspect every soft top is going to be caught out left opened up in the rain sooner or later - and we talk (a lot) about the need for weather sealing  ....

Likewise not buying an E-M1ii is easy as I cannot abide a fully articulating lcd screen (FAS) no matter what other features the camera might offer, no matter if I can easily afford one, no matter if it turns me into the photographer of the year.

My choice.  I can recommend it to other prospective users who have less resistance to the FAS type as I have no doubt whatsoever that by popular acclamation that this is one of the very best M4/3 camera bodies ever made.  Therefore it seems that I am bound to keep using my E-M1 original for quite some time to come - it is a very good camera and likely to be a lasting one.

I must admit to being interested in an E-M10iii simply because of its petite size and retained tilt screen - but remain to be convinced on whether or not it has been "crippled" deliberately by Olympus so as to not compete directly with the E-M1ii - if so it is hardly a trade up candidate from the E-M1 (or even a make-do alternative). I obviously have a resistance also to a good camera dumbed down.

All the more reason to stick with hi-tech Panasonic GX85 and the lower tech but very nice, fully useful, and "truly" tiny GM camera bodies.  Maybe the E-M10iii is both too much and too little depending on which way one looks at it.  Meanwhile I have never bought a soft top car and am not about ever to be conviced otherwise despite it seeming attractiveness to pretty girls in sunlight - in practical terms a good old metal top is more my style.

The E-M10iii could have been a rip-roaring package alternative to the E-M1iii but Olympus needed a cheap camera that would not compete in any way with their flagship product.  A pity as it has to struggle more against the Panasonic offerings in its class.

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