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Re: MacBook Pro 13 - Spec advice needed

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RalfE wrote:

Lightroom scales best with CPU clock speed and less with cores. So best performance would be the i7 one but I find 500 MHz difference in Turbo speed not that much. So if you need to decide, take the extra RAM - it can be more useful then a slightly better CPU.

If you can afford it, take the i7. I have the 13'' as well with i7, 16 GB RAM und 512 GB SSD, because it's more a mobile addition and not my primary machine. And it run fantastic. But this will also do the i5 with 3,1 GHz (base clock/ 3,5 GHz turbo). Had before an i5 Windows laptop and performance wasn't something to bother for RAW converting.

I'm not the OP, but are somewhat in the same position looking for an upgrade to my 2013 MBP with 16GB RAM.

Touchbar is not important to me and 2 USB-C ports are okay. So I'm considering the 2.5GHz i7 vs the 3.5 GHz i7 w/thouchbar. What would be the main difference here and what do you recommend? I'm a Lightroom user.


- iau

I checked the CPu models - the Non-Touchbar has a 15W model, the TouchBar one 28W. With Turbo both can reach 4 GHz. The 28W model has also a slightly better integrated GPU but it should be not of a huge deal.

Because the laptop case is the same, thermals should be good enough so that the non-touchbar model can run often in higher turbo levels and performance differences should be very similar.

So it comes to the question if Touchbar and TouchID is worth the extra money or not. If this is clear, go for your model

Thanks! Exactly what I needed to know!

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