1Ds Image Format Question..

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Mike Fulton Senior Member • Posts: 1,480
Except when it's not.

Ken Phillips wrote:

... as tiff isn't really an image format; you could always put any
sort of data into it, including a jpeg! And Canon does put a little
bitmap in there ... which you can edit in PhotoShop ... thus losing
the extra data, which is the raw!

Actually, TIFF absolutely is an image format, in fact the name is an acronym for TAGGED IMAGE FILE FORMAT.

There is a very detailed specification for how TIFF files are supposed to be put together. This specification is flexible enough to support a wide variety of different image types. The image in a TIFF file could be 1-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, 48-bit, compressed, non-compressed, JPEG-compressed, LZH-compressed, and so forth. You can even have multiple images within the same file, each in a different format.

In fact, the specification is flexible enough that most applications really only support a fairly small subset of the whole thing.

It would be possible to put raw image sensor data into a valid TIFF file. Applications that otherwise handle TIFF wouldn't know what the data meant, but it could still be a validly constructed TIFF file.

But that's not what Canon is doing.

They aren't making a valid TIFF file with raw sensor data. The ".tif" files they create DO NOT follow the TIFF specification at all. They're simply applying the ".tif" filename extension to a file that really should have a ".crw" extension.


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