Challenge host's action to disqualify.

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Re: Challenge host's action to disqualify.

Wild 'B'

I think it's great you take the liberty to vent all your opinions. Thank you so much and it's so enlightening to hear these suggestions from a respected member like you.

Unfortunately there are certain groups of people in dpreview who might not take kindly to your suggestions and opinions.

But fret not.  In order to award you for your contributions to 'Make Photography Great Again', I have decided to listen to you and take in all your recommendations for my next drafted challenge "The Old Cows ".

That's right, there will be zero rules for the "The Old Cows" challenge.  I have deleted all the colour requirements, the border requirements, the no reuse of old entries requirements, the daytime requirements , the good composition requirements, the good lighting requirements, the no human requirements, the limit on the amount of body of water requirements and all that rules on post processing, which just drives HDR enthusiasts till they foam in their mouths.

You can use any camera you want.  Film, digital, scanned photos, drones, go-pro, even the cameras on your smartphone (Back, front, swivel... whatever).  You can even submit a shot from your dashboard cams of your car.

So thank you.  It's women like you and Hillary who makes unpresidented changes to the horrible "Pale, Male, Stale" (also known as PMS) anti-diversity world that we live in now.

Thank you and haiiiiiiiiiiku..

- By standing on the shoulders of giants.

Wildbegonia wrote

abiquiuense wrote:

Wildbegonia wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

Does a host's action to disqualify during the voting process affect the votes already cast by the entrant and the other entrants?

Doesn't it constitute an arbitrary action, by a host, that a voter's action is nullified for the particular entry disqualified and the mathematical results of that voter's action on other entries? Isn't it like the host saying to any of the other voters; "I don't care how you vote, I can take away your vote by simply removing the picture that you voted for?

Doesn't it mislead participants to say that they can vote undisturbed?

So I ask, not because a particular host, in a current challenge, disqualified my entry, but because that event generated these questions that I now ask on behalf of those invited to participate.

Shouldn't a host disqualify before voting starts, only? And, if they disqualify after voting starts, shouldn't this action be viewed as arbitrary and capricious?

Be glad to provide particulars, as this develops.

There had been cases where a winning entry to a challenge got disqualify. If there is an infringement to the rules, it is the host outmost duty and responsibility to do so at any stage of the challenge.

Not if the action to disqualify can be shown to be arbitrary and/or capricious.

I'm aware of one instance where the winner was disqualified. It was for cause. The allegation was made and proven that the winner was a sandbagger.

". . . at any stage of the challenge."

Ms. Wild; the bouncer rules. The dance don't start till he closes the door. Then no one leaves, and no one comes in. Did the bouncer go to sleep on my entry because if it was egregious in voting it had to have been egregious at entry. Why wasn't it stopped then? Why wait till people are voting on it? Maybe what happened is he noticed that it was getting the high fives and he yanked it to vindictively, punish a statement? Caprichudo, arbitrario. Let's uproot his capricho. Let's force him to answer. Why; specifically did he disqualify me. You be the judge. Let me make the case. In another post, I asked, is it illegal to expose a host as it is illegal to take a critical look at moderators. If it is affirmative, then my OP is misplaced. Then I'll quit this thread. Go take a picture of a butterfly sneezing.

Consider just one rule. Hypothetical here; "submit a photo of water." Or, try something more poetic. Say; submit a picture representing "hyperbole." Any entry would be accepted; right? What would be cause for disqualification? A fair human in swimwear? And, in the case of hyperbole; a pair of shoes.

That's how I got disqualified; submitted a photo of a pair of sandals. Should have been kicked out during submissions. Nope; got kicked out during voting. What became of the fifty people who together gave me a 3.7458690. Highest ever given for a pair of shoes in a poetry contest that shouldn't have a political message.

How would you like it if the host picked three entries to comment on them;

if I see this in a challenge I am participating, I will simply withdraw my entry, and I make sure the host knows it. I will even consider to make a formal request to the host for the removal of any commentary (his/hers, others) before the challenge is finished.

sundry accolades, during the voting phase? I'd say that the defendant would lose credibility in whatever defense he mounted. But, let's just ignore that.

These musings have names attached. I'll lay out the allegation first; then introduce the witnesses.

Exhibit A (in particular) Shoes representing a haiku (Yea. In the haiku challenge.) "Disqualified."

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'Balls! Said the Queen, if I'll had them, I'll be the King'.

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'Balls! Said the Queen, if I'll had them, I'll be the King'.

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