12 suggestions for firmware updates (X-pro2)

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12 suggestions for firmware updates (X-pro2)

1) click on the joystick in playback mode = zoom (and not card slot selection)

2) some kind of trick to disable the aperture ring of lenses with loose aperture ring ; for example function to disable the aperture ring and replace it by a dial which is click-activated

3) avoid the viewfinder switching from OVF to EVF when passing through the Set Up menu tab : when you scroll through the menu looking for settings and you pass by one specific menu tab, the viewfinder mode changes, making a mechanical sound + tiny vibration. When you leave that tab, same thing.

4) disable the deleting of images after deleting a first one just by clicking the OK button. I would really prefer to use the OK to exit the delete functionality (like : ‘OK, I’m done deleting’), and delete with the delete button

5) have an extra shutter type "silent" : electronic with all sounds off ; one could go full silent without having to go in the menu's

6) customisable minimum shutter speed based on focal length : 1/(k*FL)

7) easier access to the memory card format function ; now it’s via the user settings menu (!?)

8) easier access to shoot without lens on/off selection ; now it’s via the dial/button setup menu (!?)

9) more options for the custom settings and my menu. The few things one is allowed to put in there are actually not interesting to me.

10) twice clicking the drive button makes one enter the “advanced” Toy Camera filter which diables many functions of the camera and creates crap images ; many users unintentionally got this as a nasty surprise, and it’s not intuitive to think it’s a drive mode issue ; maybe add a new full auto mode as a default “advanced” filter instead

11) possibility to disable the feature that when going beyond the AF point selection boundary one ends up at the opposite boundary.

12) however, when reviewing images, I wouldn't mind  this kind of functionality to go from one border to the other one ; it could be usefull when wants to check image quality at opposite borders

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