MC-36 - MC-36B intervalometer on Nikon D810?

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Re: MC-36 - MC-36B intervalometer on Nikon D810?

A Owens wrote:

HarrysDim wrote:

Hey all. Does MC-36 or MC-36B work on D810? I'm asking cause the MC-36A prize is insane. Also can someone explain what's the difference between the a and b model? Sorry for the dumb question but I'm new around intervalometers.

You know of course that the D810 has a built in intervalometer and a remote release is not required to access that functionality.

I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I did program in machine language on my Commodore 64 back in the 80s. I can also recite "Peter Piper pecked a pick of peckled peppers etc" with one eye shut.

But even with all these elite skills and obvious intellect.. i cannot work out the in built intervalometers on Nikons. Whomever designed the interface for them needs to be staked to a ginger ant's nest and covered with honey.

I recall one frustrating night where a Nat Geoish Starlapse was on offer and begging to be recorded. After trying to work it out I even resorted to googling and youtubing in order to understand the hybrid Czech/Kiwi Heiroglyphic interface but alas I failed even with the assistance of the world on my web connected smartphone. If it weren't for that I would now be doing starlapses for Nat Geo and getting paid $1m a year I am sure.

On my Panasonic Lumix GH5 its so easy.. like how hard should it be to choose really complicated things like "I want to take x amount of photos this many seconds apart". Sheesh!

Like I said.. I'm not a rocket scientist.. so i have to get an external one that I can understand.

Rant over and out.

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