The Collected Works ... Little Wonders ...

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The Collected Works ... Little Wonders ...

A long bug against blue sky through the trees, maybe pregnant. In between actions, being. A place to lay …

Wary fly looking down from power pole with mate on other end of him/her. Power lines are above ground in Oz.

Cockroach, of an abundant tribe, at rest on the wire. Tough as they are the geckos and ants make short work of them.

Baby gecko waiting under the night light for an accidental meal, almost certainly. Way to grow …

Mature fly, enough to die. Found on its back on the ground. A stick to its flailing legs and up it came once more. Lazarus fly …

Tiny weevil casting about after landing on a strange world of old dried out plum on a stick. Finding its way.


Little Wonders ...

Orange Tail Resin Bee mucking about … in the mud left for them to use in sealing up their nest entrances.

Flower beetle, doing what they do. In this case not a lot … sitting on a leaf, a wandering now and then.

A fine Fly feeding on the butterfly bush flowers. A sup from nature’s cup.

Caterpillar enjoying the native pink crocus flower. They get a pot, I get a pot. Each to their own, more or less.

Bug visitor, didn’t stay for long and didn’t come back. Off journeying in the wild.

In praise of a flower, a Drone Fly bows. They have their season, long gone now.

A common enough fly in the garden, a Greenbottle Fly I say – because it’s more green than blue.

Fairly big Leaf Beetle enjoying a munch on Eucalyptus. What a digestion it must have.

And a little Shovel Head Beetle, on my finger. Landed at my feet while hanging out the washing. Took to the sky after a little sun.

All from posts at my site here - - and the rundown here -

That's all for now folks.

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