IRIX 11mm f/4 - My Experience So Far

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Re: IRIX 11mm f/4 - My Experience So Far

Jeff Fenske wrote:

I'm confused. I thought you were disappointed in the colors and contrast by what you said in point #4 under 'Negatives' — and in your conclusion, saying how you were torn, partly because of " somewhat flat color contrast OOC." I don't know what OOC is.

The jury was still out on that one. Unfortunately I can't edit my original post anymore. I still prefer my 18-35mm for "pop", but I think part of that reason is that I have a polarizer attached to it, and I can't do the same with the IRIX 11mm. After more use of the IRIX 11mm, I am no longer disappointed in contrast and color. The lens is great for what it is.

I'm really interested in this lens, by the way. The Laowa 12mm is also interesting because it has no distortion, which helps make up for it not being quite as wide. But found serious flare problems with it, and it doesn't have autofocus or metering with a Canon.

The IRIX 11mm has metering and focus confirmation built in. It's rectilinear like the Laowa, and you get that 1 extra mm of wideness.

The IRIX 11mm doesn't have a huge flaring problem from my observation, but if you aim it just right at a light source, you may see an odd red flare at the bottom corner. I've only seen this in a couple of my indoor shots so far. The IRIX 15mm is worse in this regard from the articles I've seen, but it shouldn't be a deal breaker.

The Canon 11-24mm does horribly at 11mm in sharpness and CA in Photozone's test . Hopefully, it was because they had a bad copy, because the results are so bad.

With paragliding, it's definitely better to be extremely cautious and not do anything you're not sure of.
I made the mistake of trusting too much a local instructor who wasn't safe enough. I ended up road landing between tall trees around a corner. Could have been very serious. I haven't flown since, but wouldn't have stopped if there was an instructor here who was as careful as the one I trained with in southern Oregon.

Well,... my boyfriend happens to be a paragliding instructor in Southern California, so I have that going for me. He teaches out of San Bernardino and his school is  NeverLand Paragliding if you'd like to check it out.

I've watched him with hundreds of students and see his former students flying around San Bernardino all the time. He is one of the best paragliding instructors out there, and I'm not just saying that because we're together. My dad had a similar experience to yours. He was learning from an instructor who was not very careful with his students. He learned some bad habits, had a few collapses, even crashed into the side of a mountain and hurt himself. His instructor just wasn't there to care.

He saw Stephen working with his students one day and said "I want him to teach me". (That's how we met) He is extremely safety-conscious. We have people coming to learn from all over the world and leave happy. If you'd ever like to pick it up again, give him a call or send him a message. He'd be glad to help you.

As for me,.... I know I'll be fine if I take that leap of faith, but something inside me just refuses to budge. Drives me up the wall when I see second-day students flying down from 4,000 or even 5,500 feet! I want to be that brave!

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