SD Quattro vs Set of DPxMs?

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Re: SD Quattro vs Set of DPxMs?

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Well, I'm so unhappy with focusing of my SD1 Merrill that I'm getting an SD Quattro soon. I suggest you do the same. With all the different comparison photos I keep looking at, I just can't see why people think there is any difference between the two cameras, except the better color from the Quattro cameras. I'm quite surprised you prefer the look of your Merrill photos. Maybe I'll find the same thing, but I KNOW I will prefer the manual focusing of the SD Quattro. Eventually I plan to get the higher resolution of the SD Quattro H. Maybe you should just step up to that camera from the start.

I'll echo iffy focusing on the SD1M... but I can't reliably focus through the viewfinder, either.

An important point:

The Quattro H doesn't have "higher resolution". The resolution is the same as the "regular" version.

The Quattro H gains megapixels from a slightly larger sensor compared to the "regular" version, not more pixels packed into the same sensor area.

Depends on what criteria you base resolution on. If you're talking about pixel level resolution then the chips that have the highest resolution are those little 24mp chips that are crammed into cell phones.

But if you base resolution on a print then for a given print size the H has a higher resolution than the regular Q. Since I print this is the definition I prefer.

Yes. I definitely am not going to agree that a medium format camera that has a 100 MP full-frame sensor is not a higher resolution camera than my A65 (a 24 MP camera with an APS-C size sensor). Technically the "resolution" is higher, if you're talking about lines per mm of resolving power at the sensor, but who says that's what I'm talking about? When I refer to an SD Quattro H as higher resolution than the SD Quattro, I think it should be pretty obvious that I'm talking about the number of megapixels or the resolution for a given image. Anyone who argues that is just being . . . well, I don't want to be un-nice, so I won't say it.

May be we should say 'pixel density' instead, many people still think higher pixel count means higher resolution, and larger sensor/negative size produce better prints, it is an 'unfair tug of war' to compare items of different caliber, so a medium format image should compare with an APS-C one, at the same magnification ratio, not at the same output/print size. AFAIK, higher pixel density thus smaller photo cells means larger apparent DoF and more prone to signal noise.

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