XPro2 Rain cover

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Re: XPro2 Rain cover

Vic Chapman wrote:

iblackwood wrote:

blokeyknockers wrote:

I don't know of any myself, but I used my xpro2 with the 35mm f1.4, and the xt20 with the 18mm f2 out in the rain most of the day yesterday with zero issues. It wasn't heavy heavy rain, but it was constant, and very windy too. Also had an xt10 out on a tripod most of the day doing interval shots, and again, no issue. I think you need to be about as careful with a camera as you would be with a phone personally, so unless it's pouring down, don't stress about it.

I would hate for it to fail on me as it's a paid job, so I think it might be best to play it safe. Seriously thinking of ordering something like this...

Better get a black one so nobody notices it.


It only comes in that grey or green camo and I had enough of that in the Army!

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