Advantages of using Mac computer?

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Disagree that is the same

M Thomas wrote:

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M Thomas wrote:

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After 25 years of Windows computers at work decided when I retired would jump ship to Mac. Had had enough of registries and other Windows based joys. Learnt a lot about removing viruses etc but eventually was fed up with blue screens of death, hanging etc. Had the money so went Mac. Never looked back. Currently am dabbling in computer controlled amateur radio and, guess what, most of the sdr radios use Windows based software. Installing Windows on a Mac is easy so I can run both systems. Had the boot been on the other foot, running Mac on a Windows computer would have been very difficult ( unless you know otherwise).

Not going to argue the toss about which system is best, it's down to personal choice. My choice was Mac for most things, photo processing, music, searching the Internet and iCloud etc. Don't play games. Only use Windows for one piece of software.

Might look at installing firewall to block communication with Microsoft wrt updates.

Downside of Macs is that they are not made for easy cheap servicing. This might sound their deathnell. In the meantime I am happy with my choice.

You make it sound like the lesser of two evils.

No, the better of two evils!!

The "better" (less evil) evil is the lesser of two evils.

Technically that is correct, but I *really* prefer using the "better" variant as it comes from a more optimistic frame of mind, possibly even implying someday it may cross the evil threshhold is a positive direction, whereas saying "lesser" seems to imply both choices sinking ever deeper.

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