Green band (fixed-pattern noise) in photos with Canon 5D Mark IV

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Re: Not.....banding noise

Blake Cook wrote:

EOE wrote:

I want a camera that can occasionally push +3 and not see banding, which is why I passed on the 5D4 and will be looking at other options...

It appears you have not used the 5D4. I see absolutely no problem lifting shadows 4 stops with little noise and no banding whatsoever with the 5D4

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Your copy of the 5D4 may not show banding, but many copies do.  The one I purchased had horrible banding even at a -1EV push and noticeable before lifting shadows.  Also, the issue is not usually seen until at least 1 second of exposure time.  Your example is only at 1/500.  The replacement we (the manager and I) tested at the camera store also had the same issue.  I received an immediate refund and left dismayed at Canon.  The store was top notch about the whole issue.


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