PL 8-18mm : Chance Of Getting A Bad Copy?

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Re: PL 8-18mm : Chance Of Getting A Bad Copy?

AiryDiscus wrote:

In my (somewhat informed) opinion, if you're looking for good quality control, stay away from micro four thirds lenses. The manufactures are far, far behind e.g. Canon or Tamron or Zeiss when it comes to building their products consistently.

Thanks!  I'd sort of been assuming that based on my much more limited experience so far.  I was used to Canon L glass before coming to m43 where if something is out of whack and you send it to Canon it is likely to come back better.  With much of m43 based on others experience it seems lenses are more likely to be declared "in spec" with no change.  Based on Roger's blog posts I understand why now - likely the m43 repair facilities can't even properly test the lenses and they aren't the only manufacturers in that position.

That said having set somewhat lowered and reasonable expectations I've been pleasantly surprised with the m43 lenses I've used in the past almost eight years now.  The pricey "pro" stuff is pretty darn good and the cheaper "consumer" stuff seems better than I should expect.

My PL8-18 experience was the first ever with multiple "bad" lenses and I've only ever rejected one other m43 lens and exchanged for another copy (out of something like 20 lenses or so).  So my experience has been pretty good all things considered!

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