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Re: 70-300 CX lens error

nature2pixel wrote:

vangoghfan wrote:

I bought one N1 70-300 CX one and half years ago after reading many positive reviews in this forum. The performance has been very satisfactory. However, it started to mal-function after 8 month of use. It seemed that the VR unit was out of order. As it was under the first year free warranty, there was no charge for the repair by Nikon. Now it is 17 months since purchase and is also 9 months after the first repair. "lens error" appears whenever the zoom is set to position between 200 and 300 mm and the camera just shut off. Nikon quoted a repair cost of ~US$428 which I think is unreasonably high.

Now my questions are: is the repair cost reasonable?
Should I go ahead with the high cost repair or just buy another one ( which will cost ~ US$770 new)?

Could anybody advise?

I am facing the same problem. I bought the lens back in January this year, a week ago, when i was in the field recording a video with Nikon1 V1, i turn the lens to 200mm and the error message popped up on the display screen! i felt a slight vibration on the lens too. turn off the camera and turn it back ON again. it was alright when i tried it at 70mm but as i turn more than 200mm, i get the same error message! very disappointed. went back to the house to look for the warranty card before sending it to the service centre in KL, Malaysia on the same day. The service centre said it should take at least 2 weeks to get a feedback from them.

Now I am with the V1 + FT1 + 70-200mm.

This morning I went out to the forest, unfortunately I am having a problem with the V1, sometimes the AF just doesn't work anymore. i had to switch ON and OFF a few times to get the AF working. maybe it is time to get a used V2 or V3 ...OR even switch to a different system but I can't find any that is portable as the Nikon1 series. I really like the Nikon1 when i am guiding birders and bird photographers.

This makes me wonder if the lens was the problem of the V1. Is the V1 upgraded to latest firmware?

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