Nikon lens cap - scruffing up lens

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Re: Nikon lens cap - scruffing up lens

UGPRO wrote:

ShutterDude wrote:

Here's a bit of an odd one and I think maybe this is just me - anyone else finding that when they put on the lens cap on their lens, they end up hitting the lens with the edge of the cap? I've done it enough that I'm seeing 'scruff' marks whenever this happens.

I try to be careful, but end up somehow hitting the lens from time to time....

Buy a cheap UV filter of same size as your lens cap/lens filter thread size, break and remove the glass off the filter. Screw the bare metal filter ring on to the lens and leave it on. You'll then keep/remove the cap on to the filter ring without touching the lens filter thread of lens body!!

Why don't you just purchase a Nikon NC ( neutral colour filter ) instead ?,

NC = Neutral Colour.

No need to break any glass.

Regards Peter

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