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Re: 6D MKII woes...really?

Don Lacy wrote:

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

Don Lacy wrote:

The 6D was a 1200-1400 camera that was 2000.00 when introduced. I paid 1200 for mine I would never have bought it at 2000. Everyone knows this and they know the price will drop.

I'll agree here. I loved my 6D during the several years I used it. It paired nicely for my work with just about everything: 1DIV, 5DIII, 7DII. But I waited a full year to get one just for the price to drop and hit the used market. For entry level bodies, both it and its successor are a little overpriced. I'd love to use a 6DII for personal stuff (no 60fps at 1080p doesn't cut it for the work I'm doing now), but while it certainly looks like a wonderful camera, Canon has made it clear that it is absolutely an ENTRY LEVEL fullframe body.

The IQ from my 6D blew me away the files just have that Canon 1D look to them and since I used mine primarily for landscapes the other short comings of the camera did not bother me. Canon left the IQ the same and improved on everything else and yet because you don't get the extras 2 stops of low DR of their other new sensors the camera is a piece of junk. Now I could see if those 2 stops of DR actually made a difference to the majority of your images but we know that's not the case. I shoot very high DR scenes all the time there might be a handful images a year I can't get with my 6D I still love the camera.

Interesting that you mentioned "1D quality", as the 6D replaced a 1DsII. The 6D files were simply beautiful, and they fulfilled all my still shooting needs for weddings just fine. The 5DIV returns to me a bit of the 1D functionality I missed, such as dual card slots, and a great AF system. But weddings -- especially the extreme low light ones I seem to have attracted over the last several years -- need good imaging more than anything else, and I seldom need more than the 6D provides in this area. The original 6D gave me two stops more ISO sensitivity compared to the old 1DsII, and now the 5DIV gives me about a stop beyond that. After waiting 15 years for Canon to release a stabilized 85, and with the 5DIV giving me no less than 3 full stops over the bodies I was using back then, I'm not even so sure I need it any more!

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