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High Sierra coming soon.

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According to Apple (https://www.apple.com/aperture/specs/raw.html) Yosemite OS (mine:10.10.5) should enable raw support with Aperture 3 which I'm using, however, it does not. It only shows previews when in import mode.

Did you see the '****' next to the D500 entry? The corresponding footnote says "Requires OS X Yosemite and Photos or other supported imaging applications." I wonder if that is an oblique way of saying that "You don't get Aperture support in this version."

Another thread here on DPR pointed to this Apple Support Note for RAW formats supported by El Capitan. It shows D500 support as a feature of RAW Compatibility Update 6.19, with a footnote saying "Nikon D5, Nikon D500: Nikon RAW L format only."

Does anyone here that owns and processes D500 Raw files know if El Capitan actually works. I can't go with Sierra. Specifications seem not to be realistic so hopefully actual experience is better. Thanks

I just tried a D500 NEF sample downloaded from the review on this site. I was able to open it successfully with Aperture, Pixelmator, and Preview on a10 old MacBook Pro running El Capitan as well as a new iMac running Sierra. All three Apps use the Apple RAW converter.

I suspect there is an error on the Apple page for Aperture RAW support. The Yosemite RAW support page (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203088) does not list the D500. As Tom_N mentions above, it looks like D500 support was added to El Capitan as part of the RAW Compatibility Update 6.19

Hope this helps.

This must be the case as the the final Yosemite update came out well before the D500 was released.

To the OP: is there anything that prevents you from upgrading to El Capitan?

I have too many devices  that need to be shaking hands to not  update all of them  in a timely fashion. It minimizes unforeseen incompatibility issues. I have minimal  non-MAC peripherals. No problems with Epson since SnowLeopard.

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