Bird photographers, your Lightroom workflow recommendations please

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Ernie Misner
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Re: Bird photographers, your Lightroom workflow recommendations please

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Ernie Misner wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Import raw to LR>Camera Standard>Lens Profile>Remove CA>Fill in Shadows, pull down Highlights to taste. Check auto WB.

Open in Photoshop> Hiraloam sharpening @ 20- 70%. Sometimes Lab Color Boost @ 40%. Flatten. Hiraloam and Lab Color Boost are quick Photoshop actions which were posted a few years ago on DPR but have since vanished. Here they are.

You can do similar things to the pic in LR using the brushes, but Photoshop is far more accurate. I do not ever use Clarity, Vibrance or Saturation in LR.

And yes, I do this routine on each and every bird pic I consider a keeper. Here's a Flickr set that will give you an idea.

Thanks for sharing this Reilly. Love your results. Do you feel that working in PS with the saturation and luminosity is an advantage because of being able to change the blending modes? For example when adding saturation in PS and using the Saturation blending mode, the results do not affect the luminosity, and vice versa? Thanks

Hi Ernie! I find Lightroom's HSL panel adequate to adjust quickly any colors that might not look right. It helps if you've got a great camera :^)

Lately I'm trying to nudge my post into a slightly less heavily contrasty look and let a little light and air into the equation.:

His Pileatedness

For any shot taken at ISO 800 or higher, I find that Camera Neutral on the intake with default Lightroom NR settings helps to hand off a soft, low contrast, low noise file to Topaz Denoise in PS, which does a superb job of retaining detail. Others may sharpen prior to NR, and that may work for them. I'm just used to doing contrast and sharpening after I've got the noise where I want it for the background and the subject.

An older thread now but thanks so much for the added information here Reilly!  Much appreciated.

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