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Re: Mirrorless/EVF

First answer that comes to my mind?

Yesterday I went to try the D850 (with scotch on the memory card door...).
Better than the D810 in the hands, nice idea the iso button on top (at last).

I shot it the 85 1.4g they supplied, the 105 1.4g they supplied, the 24 1.4g they supplied.

Lo and behold, it does exactly the thing my D750 & my D810 do (and that my D4/D3s/D800/D610 did before them): if it focuses correctly at all at one distance, chances are it will blow it at another distance. I tried a bit of fine tuning (I know the camera has auto tuning), but the point is: you won't fine tune it if there are different required adjustments at different distances. (hello, Sigma USB dock?).

Very frustraded by the same soup heated up once again and with same extra spice thrown in, I went to try the Sony A7R2.
Yes, it is sluggish.
But, lo and behold, with their 85 1.4GM the darned thing kept focusing reliably wide open, both near and far. I shoot a person 1.5meters away, and the eyes are sharp. I shoot someone else at 10 meters, and the figure is simply... sharp. No fuss.

I felt like I had arrived in a brave new world all of a sudden: you simply point the camera, it will focus a fast lens, you just care for composition and light. A revolutionary concept.
No AF tuning, no hoping your sample of lens will need only one AF adjustment...

I know Lloyd Chambers is quite controversial around, but he has many points right. One of them is: who really believes the a phase detect autofocus can reliably guarantee precision enough for such a high resolution sensor?

So, have fun with your D850. I'm sure it'll be even a bigger jump from the D810 than the D810 was from the D800).
It's just, some of us don't shoot fast sports or birds or other things requiring that kind of autofocus. Some of us would like our cameras to simply get the proper focus without much ado.
I'm at my 9th Nikon body: either I'm magnetic and throw Nikon's autofocus off course, or the higher the pixel pitch (coupled with faster lenses), the higher the frustration level becomes. Your mileage may very well be different, of course. If that's so, then more power to you.



Ah... now this I ascribe to my "incompetence".
But even with the newest "superior metering", and face detection activated, the most sophisticated camera in the lineup got some pictures very, very dark as it decided to weigh the backlights much more importantly than the face I was focusing on.
Me, I'd like a preview of what I'm shooting, so if it's a critical shot I won't have to pull the raw file 2 or 3 extra stops to lighten the face (or another detail).
Now, that's just my "incompetence", of course. I should know every instant what the algorithms in the camera are doing when it comes to judging a scene. I shuld be trained by the Nikon software department about their decisions and how they implemented them, and about what can fool their system and what wavelengths are capable of making the system unreliable. My fault for not doing it.
But is it really too much to ask to simply see a preview of what I'm shooting in a viewfinder? A 50€ phone does it, by the way.
Again, very happy it fits you (sincerely).
I'm just very caustic as I'm at the end of my patience, and offloading many, many thousands of Nikon equipment is neither something I wish to do, nor I do look forward to given the considerable financial loss that'd ensue.
I went to try the 28 1.4. Wonderful lens, lovely rendering, impressive sharpness, one of my 2 most used focal lengths. For the first time I left the shop without a lens I loved just because I'm not happy anymore with the camera I should be using it with.

Michael Firstlight wrote:

I've been watching the many posts about folks wishing for a mirrorless DSLR with EVF- and wondering, why? What's the big freaking deal about them? Honestly, I've been more than a bit bewildered. I can see that these are the 'future' - no argument and no doubt about it. When I went to pre-order my pending D850 in the wee hours of the night this week - this question did cross my mind. I asked myself - am I missing something big? Should I want and wait for mirrorless?

I guess the benefits of mirrorless just never jumped out and bit be on the A$$ for these many months - so I began to read a little more about it. I wanted to know the pros and cons. I can see where mirrorless and EVF is a godsend for those who shoot action/sports, but for whom else?

I shoot mostly studio, landscape, and events - I rarely ever high action/sport stuff. So for my situation, this is what I have concluded SO FAR about mirrorless and EVF. It just doesn't seem to be what I want/need. I am not dis-ing it - maybe some of you can better inform me as to why someone like me should want mirrorless/EVF.

  • I don’t need continuous shooting – 7FPS is way more than enough for me; I don’t shoot high action, sports etc.
  • I don’t want a ‘simulated’ viewfinder rendering – I want the real deal - a true optical view when I'm shooting
  • I don’t need a smaller, lighter camera body – I like the feel of my D8xx size and weight; the D850 sounds wonderful in this regard, along with the new deeper grip. Heck, I love my Pentax 67II more than any other camera I own. I grew up carrying twin RB67’s – y’all wanting smaller/lighter must be pansy featherweights – and the size/weight of the glass ain’t changin’ either I hate to tell ya. Good God, it's a good thing none of them will ever shoot with my 4x5 or 8x10 view camera; we'd have to call the emergency squad!
  • Liveview focus? I like my DSLR LV just fine – I don’t use it much, but when I do, I have no issues with it. Silent shutter? I do shoot occasional weddings, but the shutter sound hasn't been a problem for me. You see, I don't shoot and spray - I am highly selective when I shoot. That comes from growing up being limited to 10-20 frames on each precious a roll of MF film, or large format holders. Now, with the D850, it sounds like there will be no sound using LV for the few moments ad times I do want/need a near-silent shutter.
  • Video? I use a real video camera when I do – not a hybrid still camera. What I get from a Dxx is mighty fine for occasional casual video.
  • IQ – I don’t see any difference between mirrorless/EVF and traditional DSLR - and that is near the top of the list.
  • More info in an EVF? Yah, maybe – but I really don’t want more clutter in the viewfinder either. Using the LCD for occasional checking a histogram is more than adequate.
  • Battery life? Uh, I don’t think there is any argument that EVFs lose badly here.

So, can someone tell me why someone like me should want/need a mirrorless DSLR with EVF? I just can't see the value for my style of shooting. Please educate me and tell me what I'm missing - I am all ears (or eyes for that matter).

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