A7RIII vs. a9R

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Re: A7RIII vs. a9R

Clayton1985 wrote:

OvinceZ wrote:

Two years is a long time in the digital camera market.

The release of the Nikon 850 punctuates a rapidly changing market in the enthusiast section. Better body, AF, frame rate, touch screen, better viewfinder, buffer and protection against the elements are things we all want in the next camera.

This doesn't make sense. You praise Nikon for releasing a new model 3 years after the D810 and you criticize Sony because 2 years is a long time?? I mean Sony is good but come on... they can't have the best in every category for every minute of every day. Give Nikon their due for a couple of months until the A7rIII comes along and becomes the flavor of the day.

I also don't agree that Sony can't upgrade the A7rIII with many if not most of the needed improvements without increasing the price much if at all. The D850 and Sony A99II show that it can be done.

Two years is a long time to wait for something new from Sony. Hopefully the longer we wait the better the coming package.

Sony doesn't do much discounting at all. A7R to A7Rii saw a substantial increase in price. Sure they could deliver those features for less but I rather doubt that they will. If Sony has a product that is in demand the price stays high.

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