Corona to over 5 Rs

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Re: Corona to over 5 Rs

It was truly a magnificent day and a great image that you collected. Looks like it was well worth the drive.

Like you, my goal was to capture the corona. Not quite as disciplined an approach as yours. The drive from Denver to Glendo, Wyoming was 3 hours. The return drive was 10 hours. Yes, it was worth it for 2+ minutes.

My biggest problem was focus. Simply impossible to focus on the sun. Touch the camera to focus and watch the image tremble.

The second was the wind ~ 20 mph.

The third was someone wanted to take a picture at the beginning of totality and I missed the first 18 seconds because the Sun was almost out of frame.

I took 3 shot stacks +/- 3 stops.  1/125 - 1/15 - 1/2s f

8, ISO 200, A6000, 55-210 with VCL-DH1758

Processed through Lightroom, Photoshop for alignment and Photomatix for exposure fusion with Denoise to remove some noise.

I aligned my camera with the horizon.  How should it have been aligned?

The earthshine on the moon makes it look mottled. Does that look bad to you?

Lots of fun.

Great American Solar Eclipse Glendo, Wyoming

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