D850 Small RAW questions?

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Re: D850 Small RAW questions?

RoyC01 wrote:

No, I mean listed as 12 bit RAW in the D850 brochure, everyone knows that no production D850 has been tested in any respect, as of now.

right, the D810's sRAW was listed as 12 bit in the brochure and specs too.

it wasn't.

i'm kind of waiting for iliah's analysis of what, exactly, sRAW and mRAW are on this camera. i'm cautiously optimistic it won't be the waste that it was on the D810, and they'll have actually figured out a solution that makes sense, reduces filesize, and is still raw. but i'm not gonna hold my breath. i think it's more of a "canon has this, so it has to appear on our spec sheet" thing than actual functional design.

on the D810, the sRAW was frequently a bigger file than the 12-bit lossy full res raw. which is just about the dumbest thing ever.

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