Upgrade to 80d or 7d?

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Re: Upgrade to 80d or 7d?

Kaso wrote:

Labmom60 wrote:

I've decided I'm going to upgrade to the 80D with 18-135mm USM(refurbished)

Good choice. (But not a big jump relative to T6i.)

and look for a telephoto either Canon 70-300mm USM or Canon 70-200mmmf4L .

You already have an excellent, sharp zoom: EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM. As long as you have the 80D (or, currently, the T6i), this lens will serve you well.

If you consider the EF 70-200, save up for the real thing: 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM. Why settle for less if your primary concern is "low light"?

I think the Canon 18-135mm is a pretty decent lens

It's more than "pretty decent." I shoot with it at 135mm wide open (f/5.6) all the time and get sharp images with nice color and contrast.

(You could get a "white box / kit split" copy of this lens and use it with the T6i.)

I agree that the F/2.8 IS II would be the lens to g with if faster action in low light is your key point of difference.

However, the issues with the F/2.8 IS II USM is its price and weight.

Its about half a stop faster than the F/4 before IS is taken into account.  For that, you pay an absolute premium.  Here in Australia its three times the price of a F/4.0L and over 50% dearer than a F/4L IS.  Even second hand they are usually around AU$2,000.

And at around 1.5kgs, its roughly double the weight of the F/4 IS (the slightly heavier of the two F/4s).  And its only about 450 grams lighter than my Tamron 150-600!

If you don't need IS, the F/4.0L is a great choice but the F/4.0L IS is a good compromise from a price/performance trade off.

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