New D3300 Owner, Liking It After a Week, Also Capture NX-D (Photos)

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New D3300 Owner, Liking It After a Week, Also Capture NX-D (Photos)

As I posted last week I got a Nikon D3300 with the 18-55mm VR II kit lens (retractable, but not AF-P) and less than 1500 clicks for all of 200 bucks. It's been 8 days and so I'm following up.

I have struggled at times insomuch that some shots have come out blurry and I mean BLURRY even when using a decent shutter speed, but clearly it's my technique because I've had many others which came out great, and just to make sure I took some informal "test shots" (shot of tree in yard to see if the bark was rendered sharply) and they were just fine, so clearly it's my technique (and also I remembered that I shoot in "neutral" with sharpness at 2). Also I've gone back and looked at shots taken with my previous Sony A5000 and A6000 and SO FAR anyway they indicate much the same thing, sharp shots when I pay attention but fuzzy ones when apparently I'm daydreaming of Beyoncé or something.

Anyway other than having to get "un-used" to the A6000 I was using, I'm liking this camera, I get-on well with the entry-level bodies, having used everything from the D40 to the D3100 as well as the D5000-series (the only real exception was when I owned the D80 and later the D200 for a quick spell). The only real thing is that one time while shooting landscapes I failed to notice that AF wasn't in the preferred "auto area mode" (where all 11 AF points are active & the camera picks one), I instead had it on "pick your point" mode (what I use for close-up portrait shots). Also I have to remember to press Fn to see what the ISO is in the viewfinder vs it showing the value full-time, but otherwise I'm doing fine.

Here are some shots I've taken with it, all in RAW+JPEG mode with the "neutral" preset and sharpening set to 2 and processed in Capture NX-D (I'll get to that in a bit).



With this one, of my 8-year old son, I'm actually using an old 80s-era manual-focus Nikkor 50mm 1.8 which I got at a garage sale some 5 years ago for 5 bucks (seriously). I have my eye on the 50mm 1.8 AF-S G and boy do I need to get it, I get a stress headache trying to manually-focus at f/2.8 at close-range without the "aids" of the 80s-era film SLRs. However this one shot somehow came out great (I think I started noticing how the "dot" on the bottom will confirm focus being achieved). I changed the preset to "portrait," tweaked the white balance a bit and changed sharpening to 8.



This is an old house on a rural road about 10 miles from home. I changed the preset to "monochrome" with the "red" filter (if I recall) and changed sharpening to 8.



A landscape shot from today. I changed to the "standard" preset and set sharpening to 8.

With all of these, by the way, for whatever reason despite having Lightroom 5.7 (which is compatible with these NEF files) I instead downloaded Capture NX-D and processed them in there. I don't know if I'm being silly, but using my wife's D3100 on vacation reminded me of how I previously liked playing around with the "presets" at the PC (or in-camera with the "retouch" menu) so here I did like I used to years ago with Capture NX2 (remember that?), fiddling around with presets at the PC. Am I silly for doing this when I have Lightroom 5.7 readily available?

Feel free to reply.

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