Lightroom - Add to catalogue / leave files on SD/CF card

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Lightroom - Add to catalogue / leave files on SD/CF card

Am trying Lightroom (CC) for the first time - never had the time before.
Up to now have been Bridge/ACR/Photoshop.

On occasion - I need to edit FAST. So what I've been doing (Bridge/ACR/Photoshop) is

  1. Doing a select with the images still on the card (Bridge)
  2. Batch edit those in Camera Raw
  3. Image Processor them (From Bridge, via PS), saving result to the local disk
  4. Keyword + caption
  5. Upload
  6. And only then - if there's time - copy the original Raw files/images plus side-car files to the local disk.

I was hoping I could do something similar in Lightroom - add images to the catalogue, but leave Raw files on the card until I had more time i.e. Import with "Add" not "Copy".
Do my editing etc, and then get Lightroom to move the files and update it's catalogue in one later.

However going to try this the Add option was greyed out.
i.e. I cannot leave images on the card.

I read this is standard for both SD and CF cards (and maybe thumb drives).

Is there a way around this ?
i.e. some setting in Lightroom...?

I guess I could do a selection in import window and only copy the images I want initially - but thought I'd check for preferred option first.


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