Anything wrong with my argumentation?

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Re: Anything wrong with my argumentation?

DjangoChained wrote:

Hello everyone,

I am currently owning a Sony DSC-RX100 (1st gen), but I want to upgrade to a mirrorless ILC. While the RX100 is still a great compact camera, it lacks a few features that I want:

- no viewfinder

- I often find myself wanting more reach on tele side; more wide angle reach wouldn't hurt either from time to time.

- while the lens is super bright on the wide end, it closes down rapidly - more/any control over depth of field at typical portrait focal lengths would be great

- NFC/WiFi/Bluetooth or something would be very nice to have

- and most of all, I want a camera where it is easier to controll exposure manually. I don't care too much for the way the RX100 handles outside full auto mode. That implies that I need a camera with at least two control dials. And don't get me started about the pain that is manual focus on my Sony.

I have decided that M4/3 is not enough of an upgrade to my 1" sensor and that full format is too large and too expensive for me. I also don't want a DSLR, since I still care about weight, size and unobstrusiveness.

That leaves me with three choices for APS-C mirrorless cameras: Fuji, Canon and Sony.

I won't buy Sony again. I don't like the UX on the one I have, and based on what I'm reading, the mirrorless Sonys aren't much nicer to use.

This leaves me with the choice between Canon and Fuji, specifically an EOS M5 and an X-T20. Both cameras cost approximately the same, but according to all the reviews I've read, the Fuji is the better camera. People love the way it operates, the sensor seems to provide very good high ISO performance and DR (better than the Canon), and in particular, the lens lineup is excellent. In contrast, most reviewers advise not to buy an EOS M camera - one big reason for this seems to be that "the lineup of native EF-M lenses is severely lacking".

However, I think I'm going to buy myself a Canon... because I like the lens lineup better! I think I I want 5 lenses (not all at once of course - in the course of the next several years;)):

1(*). A travel/superzoom. Fuji has the XF 18-135mm which costs around 800,-€; Canon has the EF-M 18-150 for around 410,-

2. A 50mm prime for portraits. Fuji: XF 50mm f/2 for 430,-€, Canon: EF 50mm f/1.8 for 105,-€ (+120,-€ for an adapter)

3. A wide angle zoom. Fuji: XF 10-24mm for 900,-€, Canon: EF-M 11-22mm for 325,-€

4. A 35mm normal prime. Fuji: XF 35mm f/2 for 390,-€. My choice for the Canon is yet not clear - I could either buy the EF 35mm f/2 for 480,-€, the EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro for 410,-€ or the Sigma 30mm f/1.8 for about 450,-€

5. A 23mm wide angle/travel prime. Fuji: XF 23mm f/2 for 370,-€; Canon: EF-M 22mm f/2 for 200,-€

Now when I pull out my trusty calculator and sum up the prices for these lenses, I notice that altogether, the Canon set would cost me 1610,-€, while the equivalent Fujis would amount to a whopping 2890,-€!

And some of the Fuji prices border on extortionate. Seriously Fuji, 800 bucks for a travel zoom? When a Sigma EF-S 18-200 can be had for 150,-€? No way I'm paying that.

I realize that Canon doesn't have native EF-M options for 50mm and 35mm primes, but according to the reviews, the lens adapter works fine, together with EXIF data and auto focus. And the market for used EF(-S) lenses is much larger than for X-Mount, so my chances for striking a bargain might also be higher.

So, in light of the fact that my budget for photography is somewhat limited... do you think my choice for the Canon is the right one, or am I making a mistake somewhere in my thinking?

(*) The EF-M 18-150 can be had in a kit, while the Fuji is available with the XF 18-55mm. While the latter seems to be an excellent normal zoom, it's not what I want - that range of focal lenghts (and more) is very well covered by my RX100.

Canon M5 has the features and can easily use EF and EF-S lenses

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