My 300mm/2.8 is dead?

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Chip's a good un !

Funny that , mine had 6 too !

Forgot to mention that , thought it was odd when i got mine .

5 or 8 contacts yes , 6 ? no.

For whatever reason , the chip is made like this and works as intended .

Compatability wise it seems to work with all A mount cameras .

I've used it on SLT's , the a77ii and a37 .

DSLR's ; a900,a700,a580 and Dynax 7d .

Works great with film cameras too , Dynax 5,7 & 9 , Maxxum 70 of the latest ones , Dynax 600si era cameras , and the oldest I've used it on is my Dynax 7xi and 9xi .

I imagine it also works fine with the earlier cameras with only 5 contacts too .


The teleconverter also works fine on the Sony LA-EA4 A mount lens to E mount bodies too . As it reports itself as a 600mm f/4 Minolta lens and not a teleconverter .

Normally teleconverters can not be used in any way .


My initial thought of an issue was placement of the chips , but as mine was just a case of unscrewing the old chip and screwing on the new , this wasn't an issue .


In your case you still neeed to carefully mark where the contacts are on the lens mount as 5 of the contacts will need to be in the same place .

See the following picture's to aid fitment .

2x 2x Minolta Teleconverters . Standard on left , 6 pin 600mm f/4 chipped on right .

You can see the extra contact is on the left here , the other 5 are in the same position .

You can see the 5 contacts here . Mark on the metal lens mount EXACTLY where the 5 contacts are to ensure correct alignment when you epoxy the replacement on .

As you can see , get the 1st contact in the right place , the 6th one takes care of itself .

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