How to batch convert large numbers of A7R2 .arw files to .jpg?

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Re: How to batch convert large numbers of A7R2 .arw files to .jpg?

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ufraw originally a linux command line product has been ported to windows.

google for ufraw windows or linux (it may even work on mac's)

You should be able to use a single command line and batch convert all your raw files.

I came across this while searching for discussion of ufraw here - just as an FYI, ufraw seems to have serious underexposure issues that don't affect dcraw, libraw's dcraw_emu, or darktable when used with Sony cameras. A6000 images are underexposed by two stops and A6300 by one. I haven't tracked down the bug yet - and unfortunately also ufraw appears to now be unmaintained.

Which is unfortunate because adjusting to a new workflow is going to be a PITA for me.

Why would anyone go through these contortions instead of using a state-of-the-art converter (Capture One) that comes for free???

Because I haven't had a working Windows partition outside of a virtual machine for years, and running a RAW converter in WINE is a fugly solution?

Because I've been using the same workflow for 8+ years? (Otherwise, I'd just switch to darktable which seems to be the new hotness...)

Actually I now have Win10 dual-booting on my new laptop, but it's an utter dog.


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