A Wetlands Afternoon With My New FE 140-560mm

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A Wetlands Afternoon With My New FE 140-560mm

Well last weekend, despite some threatening rain that stayed away and the atrociously hot and harsh early afternoon sun, I was able to get out and shoot with my own FE100-400mm lens which arrived Friday, along with the 1.4X TC attached which I already had the week before...making for an effective 140-560mm lens, which on crop of course delivers the equivalent framing of 210mm to 840mm.  Nice to have such reach in native e-mount!

I shot in my two primary MR modes as usual - MR1 for still birds (ISO100-6400, 3fps drive mode, EV -.3, flex spot medium focus area, AF-S focus mode, center-weight metering, stabilization on - mode 1)...and MR2 for BIFs (S priority at 1/1000 to start, ISO100-3200, 6fps drive mode, wide focus area, AF-C, center-weight metering) - this time I experimented with Stabilization on with mode 2 - panning on the lens - though next weekend I'll try stabilization off so I can compare the two.  With the FE70-200mm F4, I ended up preferring stabilization off, but since I'm still experimenting with this new lens, I wanted to try all options.

As mentioned, it was harsh light - I started shooting right around noon, 96 degrees, humidity well over 80%, heat indexes running around 108 - 110 degrees.  Most shots are from Green Cay Wetlands, and a few from Wakodahatchee Wetlands.  A thunderstorm drifted past to the north, but fortunately came within 5 miles then veered away.  I was shooting with fellow Dpreviewer rgwaller, who had the same lens and TC combo, but on his A7RII that day...imagine that, two Sony FE100-400mm lenses with TCs at the same spot, same time!  

All shots posted at 1400 pixels on the long end if you click the originals.  I can post a follow up reply with some 100% crops, but since I have done that on my previous thread and a few here, I won't bother with them in future threads as I think there will have been enough pixel-peeping details available for those wanting it - so after this, I'll just get back to posting my normal resizes:

A green heron, picking up some kind of nut thinking it might be a fish

A yellow-crowned night heron, attempting to hide in the trees and catch a nap.  When you're called a 'night heron', you spend your days napping and waiting for evening!

Closeup of a red dragonfly at the end of a reed - a backdrop of sunlit reeds and shadowed reeds

A great egret coming straight on, with the thunderstorm looming in the background

He looked like he was going to fly straight over both of us...but then he decided at the last second that he liked the nice high dead tree, and pulled up for a quick ascent

And ready for touch-down on his nice high perch

A female anhinga, chilling out peacefully on a small pond apple tree over the water

Me and bees don't get along too well - not allergic, I just don't like them...but it's easier to photograph one with 830mm equivalent...funny thing is, I didn't even notice that little beetle thing next to him until I looked at the photo at home!

The always adorable and always wee little pied-billed grebe, with a fresh droplet hanging off his bill after a dive

This is the same type of grebe, but it's a juvenile one - they start off with all that black and white striping on the face and eventually lose it as they get older

The always sneaky least bittern - stalking his way through the reeds just above the water - looking for fish below

A fuzzy moorhen chick, juvenile but getting bigger - still wanting mom to pass him some food

A brown basilisk lizard, getting some sun while sitting up on a tree root

This tricolor heron was standing mostly in shade, but with a brightly lit lilypad-covered pond behind him - even though the sun and backlight fades the contrast, I liked the washed look

Looking right down on a lovely red dragonfly

Comments, questions, or critique welcomed as always.

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