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Lightroom Workflow Help

Hi everyone,

First question on the forum. To give some background, I am a hobbyist photographer wanting to keep my images organised. After looking at some online tutorials for Lightroom I have subscribed to  Adobe CC.

I have seen in a few videos the importance of maintaining a well organised folder system. So far my system is as follows:

Catalogue->Year->Date->Folder name->01 Originals (all the images)

02 Exports (any retouches i decide to export)


2017->01/01/2017->Dinner at home->01 Originals + 02 Exports

I find this process extremely tiresome to go through every time and was wondering if there was a way to automate this where Lightroom would prompt me to give names to folders and then go on to automatically fill the 01 Original folder with all the untouched images and the leave the 02 Exports folder empty.

What do you think about the workflow?

Is it overkill for a non power user?

Any chance of making it easier?


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