D-810 How much better Than D700? Realistically not specs.

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Re: D-810 How much better Than D700? Realistically not specs.

Peter-D wrote:

I've been shooting my my D-700 since it came out and its still producing great images. I love the color rendition and skin tones rendered. ISO range is good enough for most of what i shoot as I do shoot music artists in low light venues without issue when using a fast lens. 99% of those images go to the web in the groups website, Facebook etc. I can't remember missing too many shots with its AF and I've had 24"-36" poster prints made as promo's for a few bands I shoot and they look great too. Ok, My question. The D810 appears to be a great camera, no doubt and prices seem reasonable too but keeping in mind my experience and use with the D-700, can I justify the added cost? Will the artists and viewers actually notice the difference in IQ on the web? Is the file size actually that much better? My generation (practical but cheap old geezers) holds sacred the old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

One thing you are not factoring in the equation: how radically better it is as a shooting machine. Nikon has this curious habit of changing very, very little from model to model, and yet ending up producing massively better handling cameras...
I loved using the D700. It only felt very akward, slow, sluggish and primitive after using the D4 and then D750/810 for a while...

That said, will anyone actually notice the difference other than my hard drive?


Possibly. My greatest gripe with D700s was banding. Shot at night, highlights from lights would create stripes on the image, pretty ugly actually.
It was solved by the D3s, which, by the way, granted practically 2 more stops of truly useable high iso.
Grain wise, I never liked shooting the D700 at iso 6400 in bad lighting (and even in good light shots were very dull and with extremely reduced saturation/dynamic range). It was ok to push the D3s to 12.800 in the same conditions.
Plus, the D3s is practically grain free till iso800, and shows only very tiny grains at iso 1600 in good light. It was a magical camera.
You may want to try one, and see for yourself if it fits you and you can make use of the performance envelope.

My best suggestion?
To look for a D750.
It has:

  • Much better high iso than the D700, comparable to a D3s/D4. Much better than the D810 too, which will quickly ruin your shots when pushing its higher isos. It's just the limit of the beast, unfortunately...
  • Much better low iso than the D700/D3s/D4. If you ever shoot in daytime, or with flash, than how much better highlights retention there is will be a revelation
  • Much better autofocus in low light. If you like your current setup, you will love the D750 (which, again, is better than the D810 in this regard).
  • 24 mpixels files are a breeze to work through. 36 mpixels not so much... working on the D810's files gets old quickly... 
  • ...it is very cheap currently, compared to the rest of the line-up (D810, D850, D5)

Of course, if the D700 truly fits your performance envelope perfectly, you can simply shoot with it forever, and just procure yourself a cheap used one as a backup. Their prices will keep plummeting, and will offer wonderful value for all those jobs they excel at.


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