Fuji X-T20 for beginner? And what lenses?

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Fuji X-T20 for beginner? And what lenses?

Hi! New here

I'm soon buying my first camera and I'm thinking of getting the X-T20. Maybe a bit pricey for a beginner but it's a camera I can grow into and not something I'll grow out of already in a year.

Assuming you think this is a good choice for me, I'm wondering what lens/lenses to begin with? I'd rather stay away from the lenses that costs the same, or more, than the camera itself - at least right now. I also think the default 16-50/18-55 might not be for me, I think primes would be a better choice - correct me if I'm wrong! My main focuses are travel, landscape/astrophotography.

Travel: I mainly do two types of travelling. City travelling where I want to photograph when walking the streets, exploring the city and whatever else I have planned to do during my trip - e.g. I'm in San Francisco right now on vacation and just took a ride on the cable cars, photographing things like that on the street would be great. The other type of travel is more "scenic" travelling. This ties into landscape part also. Like after San Francisco I'm going to Las Vegas and will visit Grand Canyon, and while being here in San Francisco we visited Yosemite, being able to take landscape photos of those would have been great!

Landscape: I love landscape photos! Both of nature, cities, but also long exposures over a highway of moving cars or over a river with moving water. Astrophotography also has me completely mesmerised.

Bearing this in mind, I'm thinking maybe these lenses would fit me:

Landscapes/Astro/Scenic travelling: Fuji 18mm/F2
Street travelling: Fuji 27mm/F2.8

Later on I can expand this setup with a macro lens if needed and an even more wide angle lens like Rokinon 12mm.

What do you think? Is the 23mm a better fit? Or the 35mm?

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