Commercial Advertising : new numbers just out, it's a MYSTERY

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Commercial Advertising : new numbers just out, it's a MYSTERY

Huge numbers of projected growth in volume and returns for the advertising industry , including the creative side, photo studios in particular (the creative side will suffer less income, oddly)

Whats going to be is a plain marketing-centric social media world

social media and millennials:

84% of millennials (march 2017 data) don’t trust traditional advertising. They trust social media, which is driven by the same marketing tactics, only unregulated. (basically the marketing now can lie and manipulate as they please)

what's going to happen to the traditional and regulated advertising?

Reduced investments seems the obvious outcome

Studios and creatives should prepare to work more for less money.

not judging (actually yes judging)

millennials are smart for not trusting traditional ads. Fine.

let's see:

A traditional Ad can't tell that a $100 product performs like a $1,000 competitor, or even better than.

on social media they can: how? they pay (in cash) 100 fake operators spreading rumors and fake tests. Easy as 123

yes, millennials are smart, don't trust the traditional ads, trust unknown characters on social media instead

/rant off

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