Bought a new tripod/head over an X-T2, did I do the right thing?

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Re: Bought a new tripod/head over an X-T2, did I do the right thing?

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

akin_t wrote:

I shoot landscapes mostly. I just noticed that my 7 year old cheap manfrotto was getting bad (wobbly center column), and it was short for me anyways.

I also got a panoramic head so I could shoot around the nodal point. All together it cost me $800.

However, now I'm thinking I could've just upgraded my X-E1 to an X-T2. I think the X-T2 just makes landscape photography so effortless: bulb like exposure without a cable release, real aeb bracketing, tilt screen.

My X-E1 still works fine, but damn it's such a process doing some things efficiently.

You spent $800 on a tripod and pano head? What exactly did you buy?

If you took too many compromises on your new tripod, it might not be worth it (i.e., spending a lot more than the usual under $200 tripods plus inexpensive pano stuff from Amazon).

Hard to say if you should have gone with the X-T2. The rumored X-E3 might be what you should buying since you are focused on landscapes (i.e., don't need 4k video, high burst rate, more continuous AF features).

Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3

Manfrotto MH057A5-LONG

Desmond DLEVX-68 leveling base.

I pretty much wanted something light with good height while the center column is down as I'm somewhat tall.

I don't like bending down all the time while framing. I'm sure the legs are ideal for me, wondering if the pano head ($400) is overkill? I just worry about how well the cheap stuff will hold my gear steady.

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