FE 4/12-24 G -- My Mini-Review

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Re: FE 4/12-24 G -- My Mini-Review

TristanW wrote:

yes, same feeling here

with all wide open, my sony zoom: 2470GM @ 24/2.8 & a rented 1224G @ 12/4, are sharper than my BATIS 25 @ F2. even with better CA control.

It is really amazing and speaks to the level of quality and commitment Sony has made in such a short time to be able to produce zoom lenses that equal or best highly acclaimed Zeiss Batis primes, at least on the wide end.

I like the Batis 18 & 25 but can't exactly say they wowed me that much. The 135mm does wow and all I have left is the 135mm after selling the other three Batis lens. I think for a prime shooter especially if you can get one second hand they are great but why not just get the 12-24 or 16-35GM if buying new.

I don't think (although I hope so) we are going to see zooms that best the 50 1.4, 85GM, 90 Macro or 100 STF though.

I am super impressed with the 100-400GM but I cannot say I am blown away by the 70-200GM my 2nd copy is pretty sharp but I would rather use the 90, 100 STF at F8 or 135 Basis than the 70-200 GM and of course there is the obvious weight of the beast.

At 52.2oz (Canon & Nikon the same) its almost ten ounces heavier than a Sony 90 Macro and Batis 135 combined and even 3oz heavier than a 85GM and Batis 135mm.

Just use the 100-400 GM it's even 3oz lighter and you have an extra 200mm to play with.

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